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47 minutes ago
x-x work was so bleh...9 hour shifts suuuuck.
So I haven't had much time to reply to my rps, and I...
3 hours ago
It's here: ...
4 hours ago
Gonna be getting a new computer pretty soon. An actual new one, not one I snagged at a pawn shop...
4 hours ago
Well, i sure many heard, konami, has had recent swig bad news, of late for one due to fact, Hideo...
7 hours ago
~Game accounts~
3DS: 1993-8414-3923
Xbox 360: Ravenxeo
Steam: Ravenxeo
Playstation account: Ravenxeo...
7 hours ago
Annnd, I'm back. Vacation took a pretty hard stop when I returned--the engine of my car was dead....
12 hours ago
14 hours ago
Hey guys! Just to tell you that I'll be painting F/M unbirth commission of Vietnam (Hetalia) and...
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1 year ago
Hello, I am at Furfright now! ...
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1 year ago
I am going to be at Anthrocon until Monday, so that means I won't be here except randomly....
[ More ... ]
2 years ago
Leapocalypse is fixed on all servers. You can return to work....
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3 years ago
I have not been here to respond or continue with the updates in over a week, and will continue to be mostly away until next Tuesday. However hopefully after that I will be back and will be able to resume. The first order of business is going to be posting a list of recent and future plans for enhancements. After that, I have six projects which will need the assistance of artists and a story author....
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4 years ago
Work on the Proof-of-Concept implementation for G4 is coming along more rapidly now, its essentially usable from a non-artist perspective....
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in Tifa's adventure 1 day ago
(Just a quick note. My spelling isn't great because I have Dyslexia. So just a warning that there...
You run
Gorlak strolls into his cave, Samantha's trembling form slung over his shoulder, her school uniform...
For the next few hours, Gorlak and Zarah loudly pleasure each other, moving from position to...
Nervously, you reach out and rest your hand on Zarah's thigh. Your stomach in your throat, you...
You shudder involuntarily as Zarah's hand delicately traces the contours of your penis. Your heart...
"...What a large mouth you have, Mrs. Bonegrinder." You form the words slowly, barely...
Zarah wraps and a massive green arm around your waist and hoists you into the air. You give a little...
Without hesitation, to turn and run, clumsily splashing in the water as you struggle to escape the...
Well [b]that[/b] was a dumb idea. What made you think that you were a match for a towering green...
Before you can think of what you're saying, you find words spilling out of you, "What a...
Sweat trickles down your brow as Zarah continues to molest you, clearly enjoying the game you've...
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